Fuel For Less

There are many ways to save lots of money on fuel. Adjusting the air in your tires will save you fuel. Your car's fuel efficiency will increase if you accelerate and decelerate slowly; also using cruise control on the freeway and driving 55 mph will help you. Keeping your windows closed when you're driving at freeway speeds, and keeping heavy items out of your car can also help you to save money on gas.

There are also other ways to save fuel. There are certain additives you can buy and put in your gas that will help increase your MPG. Some of these work by making the fuel lines cleaner. There are also some ways you can convert your car so that it takes more than gasoline to run. You can convert your diesel vehicle into a bio-diesel, or so that it can take the grease from food fryers. All of these things will help you to get fuel for less.